Let us Help You With Your Weight Loss Resolution: Our Customized Plans Work

Let us Help You With Your Weight Loss Resolution: Our Customized Plans Work

Ready to lose weight but tired of not seeing the progress you want? Let us help you reach your weight loss resolutions with our customized weight loss plans. Read on to learn more about medical weight loss and what it entails.

We’re a month into the New Year, and if you’re struggling with your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, you’re not alone. Although 42% of Americans try to lose weight each year, the reality is that many people struggle to reach their goals. 

Losing weight on your own can be difficult. Many people struggle to keep their New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight because they don't know where to begin; they hit a plateau or lose motivation after seeing a lack of progress. 

The good news is that you don’t need to embark on your weight loss journey alone. Board-certified nurse practitioner Yvette Gonzalez and our team at Sage Wellness and Medspa offer customized weight loss solutions that work.

Read on to learn more about medical weight loss programs and how they can help you reach your wellness goals in 2023.


What is a medical weight loss program?


A medical weight loss program is a customized weight loss plan that considers your specific health needs and goals. As an experienced nurse practitioner, Yvette Gonzalez knows firsthand the benefits of maintaining a healthy weight and how underlying conditions can complicate your weight loss progress. By framing an individualized plan, you get the best guidance for your body and your health needs. 

Medical weight loss programs include:

  • Personalized meal plans
  • Exercise plans tailored to meet your physical activity needs
  • One-on-one coaching 
  • Weekly check-ins and accountability 
  • Weight loss medications 
  • Access to intravenous (IV) therapies that help promote weight loss

Unlike trendy or fad diets, the most important aspect of medical weight loss programs is that they are rooted in evidence-based treatments, lifestyle modifications, and medications. All these are adjusted based on your specific body mass index (BMI), underlying health issues, and overall wellness goals.


Why medical weight loss programs work


Medical weight loss programs work because of three key factors:

  • They are based on lifestyle changes designed to create long-term results and lifelong healthy habits: they are sustainable! 
  • They aren’t “one size fits all” weight loss solutions
  • You’re under the watchful care of Ms. Gonzalez and our team 

Let’s dive deeper into those pillars:


Establishing lifelong habits


“Dieting” is more than just cutting calories to lose weight. Our medical weight loss programs help identify lifelong habits that improve your overall health while supporting you to lose weight at the same time.

Exercise can promote weight loss by helping you burn more calories than you consume. Exercise can also reduce stress, boost your mood, support healthy immune function, and help reduce your risk of developing several diseases and conditions. Additionally, strength training helps build lean body mass, and the more muscles you build, the better your metabolism functions. 

Likewise, by focusing on your nutrition, we look at the foods your body craves. Instead of just cutting calories, our team helps you identify what food you need to add to your diet to support optimal wellness. 


Nothing is “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to weight loss


Perhaps your friend met her weight loss goals by following a keto diet, while your sibling lost weight by adopting a plant-based diet. Just because one plan worked for a friend doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Our plans work because we focus on YOU. 




Weight loss isn’t easy, and obstacles are par for the course. Plateaus can be particularly frustrating. However, when you’re part of our weight loss program, our team is here for you through all your victories and struggles. We can help you navigate the plateaus and identify solutions for issues that arise. 


Ready to get started with your medical weight loss plan?


If you’re ready to experience all the benefits of weight loss, let’s make your New Year’s Resolution a reality. Call Sage Wellness and Medspa and get started with a medical weight loss program here in Plantation, Florida. You can also book an appointment online.