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Sports Physicals

Sports Physicals services offered in Plantation, FL

If you or your child are athletic, a sports physical is necessary to ensure your safety during the season. Whether you’re a basketball player, soccer star, or avid flag football player, you need a physical to keep you healthy on and off the field. When you need a sports physical, Yvette Gonzalez, RN, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, and the Sage Wellness and Medspa team provide you with that and more in the Plantation, Florida office. Call the office today to schedule your appointment with Ms. Gonzalez or book a consultation online.

Sports Physicals Q & A

Who needs a sports physical?

If your child plays a sport, a sports physical is an exam Ms. Gonzalez performs before they can participate in sports. Most schools and camps require a physical before your child can play a sport.

Sports physicals are not just for children. Anybody participating in a sport run by an organization should have a sports physical. The goal of the physical is to ensure safety and confirm you or your child are healthy enough to participate in physical activity during the season.


What’s involved in a sports physical?

During a sports physical, Ms. Gonzalez thoroughly examines your child to ensure they’re healthy and fit enough to participate in any sport. Ms. Gonzalez is a board-certified nurse practitioner who takes the time to make sure your child is safe before starting a sport.

The sports physical involves both a physical exam and medical history check. During the exam, Ms. Gonzalez will perform the following:

  • A neurological exam
  • A reflex check
  • Vital signs
  • A height and weight check
  • Eye and hearing tests
  • An abdominal exam
  • A balance test
  • A range of motion test
  • A heart and lung exam

Ms. Gonzalez also evaluates your child’s spine to check for signs of scoliosis or other congenital conditions. She cares about every one of her patients. She provides you with the expert evaluation your child needs before participating in any sporting event.


What questions can I expect?

Another component of the sports physical is a detailed medical history of your child’s health. Ms. Gonzalez needs a clear picture of your child’s medical history to prepare them for sports participation.

You can expect various inquiries about your child’s overall health, including:

  • Current and past medications
  • Previous surgeries
  • Current medical conditions
  • Alcohol, drug, or tobacco use
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Current fitness level
  • Mental health disorders
  • Immunization history

Ms. Gonzales also asks if your child has allergies or asthma to evaluate their respiratory function and wellness. 

After she has a complete picture of your child’s health, she either clears or denies them participation in sports. Remember to bring any paperwork with you from the sports organization, so Ms. Gonzales can sign off without having to schedule a secondary appointment.

Sometimes, your child may need additional testing to ensure they’re healthy and fit enough to play sports. If your child’s initial participation is denied, Ms. Gonzales can recommend treatment plans to help them get off the bench and back into the lineup. 

Call Sage Wellness and Medspa today to schedule your child’s sports physical or request an appointment online. The practice also offers same-day appointments and house calls when needed.

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